Why do we use appetite suppressants?
They are effective, safe and control hunger. They are FDA approved and recommended by The National Institute of Health for the treatment of weight loss. Our physicians will determine whether appetite suppressants are required during the medical consultation.

Is Phen/Fen used?
Absolutely not. The combination of phen/fen has been taken off the market and is not available due to its negative effects on health. Instead, we use FDA approved appetite suppressants because of their proven long-term safety and effectiveness.

What are in the injections?
A combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that are vital to your weight loss, as they will speed up your metabolism and enhance your results. They help eliminate fat, control carbohydrate metabolism, aid your body’s immune system and increase energy.

What kind of nutritional plan is used?

We use a low calorie diet that consists of lean protein, favorable low-glycemic carbohydrates and good healthy fats. Our nutritional plan increases the body’s ability to burn fat and curbs sweet and starch cravings. In fact, after a couple of weeks on the program, you won’t even have cravings anymore! We help you train your body to crave the foods it needs.

Why do I need to come in on a weekly basis?
Weekly visits are essential to your success as they give us an opportunity to not only dispense your medication, but to assess your progress and discuss questions and concerns. Patients who come every week have statistically better results than patients who skip appointments.


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